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This version of the Shark Guard was designed to fit the Delta Unisaw table saw.

Here is a link to our adjustable riving knife pattern for the

Delta ARK for Unisaw

This Shark Guard has a manually adjusted riving knife. We designed a replacement mounting block that takes the place of your front guard mounting bracket. It is adjusted up and down according to the blade height you need. It is possible with this to contact the blade, so Never adjust the blade height with the saw running. Below image shows some blade height riving knife relationship on a prototype Delta ARK system.


Delta ARK system for Shark Guard


Your factory throat plate or blade plate will not work with this. Click the install Guide link above for information about how to make your own throat plate or how to cut an aftermarket throat plate to work. We now offer our own line of throat plates for most older Delta Contractor and Unisaws. Let us know the size of your plate and we can design one to fit.Click this link.


Click the Here for the size that fits these Delta Saws.


They are also available on Amazon and other woodworking specialty stores. Here are links to two of them on Amazon.com.


Click the link here a UHMW version.

Click the link here for a high quality phenolic version.




This version of the Shark Guard was designed to fit the 10 inch Delta Unisaw line of saws. Not the newest version that uses a riving knife. It will also fit some of the Delta Contractor and Hybrid saws as well some of the older Rockwell Delta models. The list below of Delta and Rockwell model numbers is incomplete, so your model may fit.



The one model number I know will not work with the ARK knife is Delta 34-338. It can use our splitter version. You will most likely need to ask for our Delta Rockwell splitter pattern.



It will fit the older Grizzly G1022.


It will fit the older Grizzly G1023 left and right tilt models.


It will fit the Bridgewood BW10TS right tilt.


The Powermatic 63.


10" Trademaster



The King KC10RC.


Some models of Jet saws.
The JTAS models have a little different bracket so have their own web page.

Shop Fox W1677 and W1711.

Possibly other similarly designed saws as well.

If you have any doubt that these will fit your saw, simply snap a picture or two of your front guard mounting point under the throat plate. We can help confirm the fit or you.


34-400, 34-402, 34-410, 34-426, 34-429, 34-430, 34-440, 34-441, 34-444, 34-445, 34-450, 34-461, 34-466, 34-474, 34-714, 34-717, 34-761, 34-763, 34-764, 34-765, 34-778, 34-781, 34-782, 34-783, 34-784, 34-801, 34-802, 34-806, 34-814, 34-855, 34-914, 34-915, 34-976, 36-L31X, 36-L51X, 36-R31, 36-R31X, 36-426, 36-430, 36-431, 36-440, 36-441, 36-444, 36-445, 36-450, 36-451X, 36-454, 36-465, 36-470, 36-472, 36-474, 36-475, 36-477, 36-480, 36-485, 36-490, 36-505X, 36-507X, 36-650, 36-650C, 36-670, 36-675, 36-679, 36-680, 36-682, 36-714B, 36-715, 36-716, 36-717, 36-750, 36-751, 36-755,36-800, 36-812, 36-815, 36-816, 36-820, 36-821, 36-825, 36-830, 36-831, 36-841, 36-842, 36-844, 36-869, 36-878, 36-882, 36-883, 36-884, 36-900, 36-905, 36-941, 36-943, 36-944, 36-945, 36-953, 36-955, 36-957, 36-960, 36-979, 36-980, 36-982...

so far.


If your saw is any of the model numbers below, you will need to email me to select the correct pattern. They may be the regular Delta pattern or they may be something a bit different. I will send you a pdf to print out and compare the fit. A little extra work on your part now will save having to wait even longer if the splitters do not fit correctly. The model numbers I know that may have fit issues are 34-457, 36-380, 36-600, 36-630, 36-640, 36-729...

so far.


This video shows how our New ARK riving knife functions.


This video shows how an SGK1 works on saws with a riving knife.



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