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Owner's Feedback

Here are a few of many Owners comments that we receive in emails.



Hi Lee,


I received the Shark on time, but had to go out of town for several days. Finally got it installed today with some 2.5 inch flex tubing. Suspended it from the ceiling on open hooks with some scrap wire. A little wood beneath keeps the hose straight and keeps all the hose weight off the Shark.


The guys on the Router Forums are looking forward to a review, but today I had a must do project, so I plugged it into my dust collector. Not a speck of sawdust escaped! Wow, what a success. With the faster delivery, I hope you sell a bunch more. You deserve it for creating a really good product.


I have to get a couple of connectors from Rockler before I can really do the test report, but I'll do that tomorrow so I can play. Today was cutting some BB ply with a glue line rip blade, so there was plenty of sawdust, it just didn't escape. I'm a throat cancer survivor and just doing everything possible to eliminate that flying dust.


Thought you might like to know how happy I am with it.




Thomas L.





I don’t ever recall writing a supplier about how impressed I was with their product. I received my Shark Guard last month and have been delighted with its simplicity and performance. I had previously used a relatively high-end guard (Excalibur) which offered outstanding protection and visibility. However, there is no comparison when it comes to dust collection as the Shark Guard with a 4” port combined with my 2-HP cyclone, eats up nearly every speck. Installation and removal is a breeze. In fact, I was convinced I was not installing the guard correctly because it was so fast and easy.


Thanks again for making an outstanding product with customer service to match.


Richard M.





I can't Thank-you enough for sending me out the Shark Guard Decals!!. I am standing here looking at the guard that you made for me and it is just a beautiful work of art!!


Thanks again!


Dan G.





Just want to let you know the saw guard for the Minimax c26 you made for me worked on great. Love the design, makes using the saw safer and easier


Thanks again!


Norm R.





I wanted to let you know that the guard you shipped me has arrived and I picked it up at the post office today. You do beautiful work. I also want to take the time go thank you for your kindness and trust. There is precious little left in our world anymore. It was a pleasure to do business with a true gentleman. If ever I might be able to help you out at some time please feel free to call. Once again, thank you very much. I'll be ordering additional splitters for other kerfs as I can afford to.




Henry M.





I have been using the SG for a few weeks now; I must say it has exceeded my expectations in terms of function and I am immensely impressed with the quality of its construction and the safety it affords me.


Thanks so much also for everything!


Avito C.





I received and installed your guard yesterday. It's a perfect fit! Thanks for the great product. I am a big fan of customer reviews and providing feedback, so I plan to put this guard through the paces and give you some detailed and objective feedback.


Thanks again Lee!


Adam S.





I have installed the Ark shark. It fit with no issues other than a slight modification to the plastic chip scoop under the blade (see attached photos). It does sit a bit farther from the blade than shown on your website, however I like the additional space between the blade and the riving knife. I am very please with the ease of operation and simplicity of the design and operation of the blade guard. (Delta ARK SG3D installed on Powermatic 63)



Delta ARK Delta ARK




Thomas B.





Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. Fits perfectly and I am extremely happy with it. Again, thanks for building a quality, well finished addition to my shop.




Dave S.





received Wednesday in perfect condition. Installed today. WOW!! I am more than impressed. A piece of art-well worth the wait!! Really beautiful. I was worried it wouldn’t fit my 1951 table saw-but was absolutly perfect. Could not be happier. Class Act.


Thank you so much,


Jason P.



Hello Lee,


I apologize for taking so much time to say your "gizmo" got here. I was in the middle of a project and didn't use it until about 3 weeks ago. I cannot believe how well it works. Before, my Jet caught very little of the sawdust. Now, very very little dust is left. I will sing out loud about your shark anytime someone is having problems I will give them your details.


Take care,


Rick F.





Just a quick note to let you know that my new SharkGuard exceeds all of my expectations! Its design is ingenious, the materials and machining are excellent, the workmanship is masterful and, most importantly, it works as well as it looks! It was totally worth every day I waited and every cent I paid!


Thank you,


Steve W.



Dear Lee,


I’ve been finally, recently been using my table saw with the new blade guard that you fabricated and delivered in December. I really want to thank you so much for your work. the guard fits and works perfectly. And, the construction is very clean and solid. If it wasn’t for you, I would have given myself no choice but to discard my ’57 delta table saw, since the delta guard is out of production. I wouldn’t dare use it without the splitter and anti-kickback blades (long story short, the guy I bought the saw from actually lost a nut! That’s all the convincing I needed!). I only wish that the splitter/guard elevated and descended with the blade, but that is probably not an option available to me, so I just swap out the various sized splitters that you provided.


Many thanks again Lee! Take good care,


Francesco D.





After the expected wait for delivery of my Shark Guard, I’ve finally gotten to spend some time using it and putting it through its paces (I haven’t been able to get out to the shop nearly as much as I’d like). It works as I expected. It is so much easier to mount and dismount than the OEM guard on my Jet table saw. It saves me a bunch of time and I use the blade guard way more often than I did before. But you know that.


Before I even mounted the unit I was impressed with the quality of your workmanship. It is beautifully engineered and the fit ‘n finish is top notch. You do nice work and should be proud of your products. I had to do a little grinding on Jet mounting plate to get the splitters to fit properly, but it was quick ‘n easy one-time work.


Keep up the good work!


Gordon M.



Wow Lee,


It works really, really well. Love seeing the sawdust travel up in the 4” port on top of guard. I only connected my shop vac (not my actual dust collection/cyclone) and WORKS GREAT. VERY satisfied. I will write a review on Lumberjocks shortly. Hope that get you more business!


Ron G.



Hi Lee.


I set it up, installed it and the unit works brilliantly! I think I read the instructions AFTER I was done!! Very nice how easy it is to precisely set up, align and square everything. MUCH better than what Ridgid offered, as you know. I love the way that it is easy to remove just the dust shield, move the pawls out of the way and even change out the splitter. Being able to easily match the job to one of 3 splitters is ALMOST like having a riving knife. My Shopsmith 2 1/2" dust collector hose fits tightly and well into the dust guard. I keep an adapter permanently banded to the end of the hose, and have two such hoses attached to the dust collector with blast gates at the dust collector . As you suggested in your instructions, I can easily move around the hoses. Initially, I ran one hose to the dust guard and the other hose to the blade shroud beneath the Ridgid. The dust collection under the table has never been great , and it still is not. However, that is mainly the heavier saw chips. Your dust shroud seems to easily get 90% or more of what would be airborne dust above the table. In all, a great product! Feel free to use anything I write or send you as a testimonial.


Regards, Steve N.





Much thanks! I am tickled pink on how nice this setup is. Considering how old and abused this saw is I’m amazed at how easily this was to adjust to run true. Excellent design. If I only had a working dust collector…


Thanks again.


Greg C.



Received my Shark Guard today in good condition. The quality is exceptional, just what I expected from an American craftsman. Next I will install it and check its functionality. I expect it will do fine.




Les S.



Got my order in the mail today, have installed and made several test cuts. They work great and the ratchet handle makes switching them really simple. Thanks so much, feel free to use me as a reference if you need one.


Jim H.


Thanks Lee!


The product arrived, and is of course, great. So nice to have something that I can change out quickly - truly well thought out design. Thanks again! Have a good one!


Chuck F.





I wanted to use the tool for a while before providing feedback. I'll skip to the bottom line first ... you are to be commended for high quality execution of an excellent design. Installation was straightforward, simple and required only minor adjustment (I'll send a few pictures in a second email)... in fact the adjustment is more a function of my Unisaw's 1959 build date than your product. Now that I've used the Shark Guard extensively I can tell you that I would buy it again in a second. Once you get into a routine splitter change over takes seconds with a high level of repeat-ability of the splitter properly registering with the saw. I basically set it up in the beginning and it has not been readjusted and still splitter/blade alignment is perfect. The thing that I was not prepared for is the effectiveness of the dust collection ... it is unbelievable. Standard cuts, both cross and rip, often result in a complete absence of dust on the table. Truly top notch dust collection. I guess the biggest plus is the added level of confidence with the saw. I've owned the saw for about 8 years and have pushed miles of lumber across that blade and this is the first guard that I've had on the machine. I now wish that I had found your product sooner. Oh well, better late than never. Anyone paying 2 -3 times the price for one of the other commercially available products are wasting their money. Thanks for producing a great product at a more than fair price.


Eric F.



Hi Lee:


I've used the Shark Guard and splitter system for over a year, now, and it has proven itself to be an excellent performer in my shop. It's installed on a Delta CS and both the splitters and the dust collection on the guard work very well. In my opinion, it's worth a lot more than your fair and moderate price, and is a significant safety and health improvement for any table saw.


Jim S.





I received your guard this past week and I must say that I'm very pleased, it far exceded my expectations. Here's hoping your backlog clears up as everyone should experience one. I thank you and my lungs thank you.


Regards, Andy B.



Hi Lee:


I ran down to the post office and pick up the mail along with your package. I opened it up like it was my first christmas package and I wasn't disappointed. I had it on my saw in record time and was cutting with virtually no saw dust. It was well worth the wait a grade A number 1 product. thanks very much ..


Ken W.



GDay Lee :


Thanks for the prompt delivery of the Shark Guard,it was waiting for me when I arrived in LA. As you can see by the photo I wasted no time putting it on my Jet Supersaw when I arrived back in Brisbane, Australia. The first test cuts on Melamine Whiteboard produced no dust at all on the saw table,very impressed. Large picture link. Thanks again and best wishes from Australia


David G.





I have finally got to use it a bit and I love it! I had a 4 in. hose hooked up to it and the hose was too stiff so I changed it with a 3 in. hose and it works much better. I am going to buy a 4 in. more flexible hose because as you know, the bigger the hose the more air moves. Anyway, a very nice design. Oh by the way, the Beisemeyer interface works like a champ. BECAUSE of this interface, I will more likely use the guard. Thanks.


Byron T.





Just a quick note to let you know I received my guard today. What craftsmanship, very impressive. I was just out starting to put it on,and I ran into that "rollpin" issue and went to your site to see about it. That too (instructions on your site) was very nicely done and easy to understand. So while I was here I thought I'd just let you know that I did receive it, and looks like exactly what I had hoped it would be, and of a very high quality. I will without doubt recommend this to anyone who asks about it.


Thanks again, Bill


Hope you're still busy, it really is an excellent piece.





Well I finally got the shark guard hooked up and have tried it. Set up went great. Little difficulty getting everything true but that is the nature of the Powermatic 64A. Just could not get at the bolts good. Did not have to use the spacers. Have set up the middle and the largest splitter for trueness and left the middle one on. Sliced a 6" length board in half and it was great. Very much like the ease of removing the guard when needed and the splitters. Again, thanks.







Just wanted to say thanks. My sharkguard arrived Sat. and it's already installed. I will say that after a few test cuts I'm well pleased with its performance in picking up the dust and the simplicity removing/re-installing the splitter. I've always disliked blade guards of any sort and have never used one in the past but I'm all for dust collection where possible on all my tools/machines. Of all the models I considered, including building one myself yours is the best overall in it's simple design (well made I might add) consumes the least amount of space, is quick to remove/setup and is priced affordably and I would without hesitation recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work. Best regards,


Matt T.





This weekend I got the SharkGuard installed. Very nice piece of equipment. I have already noticed I am using the guard more often than I would if I had to rely on the factory guard. Now when I switch from the Crosscut Sled to using the splitter and guard it is very quick and easy to do. The other thing I am very happy with is that the short splitter works great with a Gripper. I have never really liked the little plastic splitter they recommend with the Gripper and on a couple of occasions I have had the plastic splitter pull out while ripping. Neat product – good luck.


Rich B.



Hey Lee, I just wanted to thank you for the SG you sent me. I got it setup and working great. The dust collection with my 3HP Dust Gorilla and your SG is awesome. It's picking up real close to 100% of the dust from the top of the table. I'm still not a fan of using guards on my saw (I'd never be without a splitter though), but the dust collection alone makes it worth learning to change my ways.


Lou M.



Lee- Every day I go down in my shop and use the guard you sold me. I have always hated guards, but this one is a thing of beauty, and in conjunction with the new dust collector I assembled, my shop is a much happier place to be.


Mark S



Hi Lee, Just wanted to drop you a note regarding the above-subject (Shark Guard for Jet contractor saw). I got the splitter bracket and the splitters aligned and the the unit performs flawlessly. It is an absolutely fantastic product - just what I was looking for. Feel free to use me as a reference, if ever needed. Kudos! Thanks again,


Mike G.



I am very happy with the performance of my Sharkguard. Have never had a kick back with it. I am sending you some new photos. One of the great things about the Sharkguard is that it allowed me to attach an out feed table to the Grizzly which I could not do with the factory guard.
I built the out feed table to allow it to fold. I only have half the garage to work in so everything has to be mobile. I push everything against the wall when done. My overhead dust collection which feeds in to the Sharkguard cost me $10 to make. The board buddies is only used to keep stock down and not for kick back purposes. I love my guard and consider it one of my best purchases.


Don Y.



I've been using my Shark guard for a few months now, and I just wanted to say how much I like it. The design and function are far superior to the factory guard. I really have no complaints.
Just wanted to say thank you. Now I just have to bludgeon the other purchasers of the saw to buy the Shark guard.


Christopher B.



My youngest son thinks this is the coolest thing in the shop and I am in complete agreement. The fit and finish are top notch and the guard works as advertised. Regards,


Grant W.



It came today and I installed it per your great instructions online...and one word..."WOW" The workmanship and quality of the material is just great. Now I have a "real ZCTP" to replace that much too thin Ryobi thing.





My Shark arrived in good order yesterday. I am very pleased. My wife said it should be framed. You really do beautiful work.





I just wanted to let you know that the Shark Guard arrived on Saturday. I had been out of town, so it was waiting for me when I got home. It looks great. Perhaps you may want to describe the color as "Harbor Freight Green" on your website. It's a little more pea-green than what I imagined. No complaints, though. I'm still fiddling with getting it set. I have not had sufficient time to get it fine-tuned. Thanks for a wonderful product. I'm looking forward to using it.


Brian G.



Guess what was waiting for me when I got home? Nice craftsmanship Lee. I'll try to get things put together enough to give it a try this week (other honeydo projects permitting).


Thanks again!


-Jon S.