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Beisemeyer Whale Shark cover


Whale Shark covers are now Obsolete. No longer available


Below are some photo's of the Whale Shark replacement cover for the Beisemeyer overarm saw blade cover.


The Beise locking rod will interefere with the dust hose on this model if nothing is done to it. I provide the knobs needed to be able to use them to lock the cover in any position, but if you want to leave this rod in place and use it, it will need to be modified. You can see in the last illustration a possible modification to the locking arm. I don't provide this particular hardware, but it should be and easy find locally.


This package included The clear Whale Shark cover with 4" port, the powder coated backing plate, lock nuts and bolts for mounting to the arm, two 1/4-20 5 star knobs for upgrading the arm to lock in any position, the screws that are in the cover. It came assembled.



Beise Beise Beise Beise Beise Beise Possible locking mechanism modification for 4 in dust ports




Beisemeyer Whale Shark cover is Obsolete. No longer available



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